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Passing multiple Arguments to a JavaScript Function at Runtime

Today I came across with a scenario in Javascript functions that the number of parameters would change in the runtime. When I searched in google I found that, In JavaScript we can pass any number of parameter and get these parameter at run time.

JavaScript functions have a special property called arguments.... Read More


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PHP Header Location - Page Not found Error.

Recently I faced a weird issue with the PHP header location function. I had a line of code in my file like,

Code: header(’location:mypage.php’);

In firefox/geeko browsers it is working fine. but in IE when it tries to redirect the page it is showing a “page not found error”. I am pretty sure that the page is exist in my server and I checked the spelling and case also. everything is fine. following is the header call i am using. I searched in google and asked few of my friends. Also I
found lots of post related to this in forums and all. But didn’t see a good solution anywhere. Finally, from the Php header manual page itself, I got the solution... Read More

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Download Acer Laptop !!!!

Now you can download an Acer Laptop…………

Unbelievable? See the Google Ads Link………….

Click here to see the picture.......

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Second Kerala BarCamp - In Cochin

Following the success of the first barcamp in Kerala (It was held at Techno Park, Trivandrum), the second one is going to take place in kerala. This time it will be at Cochin.

Where : DOE Hall, CUSAT, Cochin
When : 3rd of February 2008.
Route Map : click Here

Read More......

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How to surf the web even if web browsers are disabled

Ever find yourself sitting in front of a computer that's been locked down by an IT administrator who won't let you install any software or even open Internet Explorer or Firefox? If that PC is running Windows XP, there's a good chance you can still visit your favourite sites... click here to read more

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