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Preventing Double Payments

One of the problems in e-commerce is how to protect the user from making mistakes. It’s even more critical when your protection target is on-line payments. Usually, you need to send a request to a credit authorization system, get back a transaction number, and only then charge the user’s bank account. A common scenario is that the credit authorization number is late to come back, the user becomes anxious, and he or she presses the Charge My Account button again... Read More..

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Why avoiding tables for layout is important

  1. Tables are slow
  2. Tables can be inflexible
  3. Accessibility issues are easier with CSS
  4. Tables don’t degrade
  5. Tables don’t print as well
To read ead the complete article click here

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Gmail + Talk + ICQ + AIM + ?

You can now log onto your AIM account through gmail and chat with your aim friends! How great is that?!

This will enable you to sign into your AIM account and chat with your AIM buddies right inside Gmail... Read More...

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