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New Blog

I finally decided to start a blog in wordpress. I already have two another blogs Techno WebLog and Miles To Go. Of them the first one Techno WebLog is a professional blog and it is hosted in blogspot. Now i am planing to move it to here. Regarding the “Miles To Go“, it is my personal blog.

About Me
I am Jansan John. I am a programmer by profession. Currently I am working at a Web Development company, Reubro International as a programmer in PHP. I am from India - Kerala(also known as ‘God’s own country’).

More Posts
You can expect more posts from me now onwards.In the past, the frequency of the posts was very less. but now onwards i am planing to move with this seriously.

I have inspired by lot of my friends - binny, Gladwin etc.

There is still a lot of work to be done in this blog - I have to do some search engine optimization, google adsense integration work, etc. You can help by encouraging me by leaving a comments in my posts.

posted by Jansan John @ 9:40 PM,
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At 2:14 AM, Blogger Binny V A said...

Expecting to see more posts here. By the way, why is the new domain still empty? And thanks for the link :-)

At 5:26 AM, Blogger Avinash said...

Hi janson,

this is Avinash. I don't knw if u remember me....u had taken training classes to my batch at reubro just b4 a couple of months u leave frm there.

Bytheway, hwz ur new company....?

Wish u all the best for ur future....



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